BakerSCI Licenses Analytics Technology to Channel Partners

Baker Street Scientific (BakerSCI), a provider of unique data analytics solutions, announced it has entered into licensing agreements with multiple channel partners for its robust and unique, analytics technology.

The action is the culmination of a multi-year strategy to commercialize its intellectual property broad and deep through channel partners who are experts in their industries.

These channel partners have strong pipelines of potential customers needing data analytics and are eager to leverage BakerSCI’s science and technology to provide their clients with the unique advanced analytics solutions available.

BakerSCI’s analytics technology is powerful in the industry, providing organizations with the ability to analyze vast amounts of data and gain valuable insights that drive business success. The technology is capable of handling large-scale data sets, providing real-time analysis and delivering accurate and actionable insights.

Channel partners will be able to offer their clients a range of products and services leveraging BakerSCI’s analytics technology, including data analysis, discoveries of the unknown, and data visualization.

These capabilities will enable analysts, organizations and artificial intelligence systems to gain deeper insights into their operations to identify opportunities and make more informed decisions, helping organizations worldwide to unlock the power of their data.

With the licensing agreements in place, BakerSCI is poised to realize the benefits and return on investment it has been seeking for several years.

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