Birch Promotes Burnside to VP Sales Operations

Birch Communications has promoted Sally Burnside to vice president of sales operations.

Burnside will manage sales operations for Birch’s six diverse sales channels, and will focus on enhancing sales production, developing end-to-end sales processes and delivering strategic sales analytics to the executive leadership team.

With this promotion, Sally will work closely with department leaders across the company to determine best practices and business rules for these areas and will champion the needs of the sales organization cross-functionally to drive company-wide goals.

“Birch continues to grow exponentially and we need strong leaders like Sally Burnside,” said Christopher Ramsey, senior vice president and chief sales officer at Birch. “Sally has earned a reputation of being dependable, organized, detailed-oriented, and a strong leader who we can always count on to ‘get the job done.’  Not only will our sales channels benefit but our customers benefit by having detailed systems for quoting, ordering and onboarding¾ for a flawless transition to Birch.”

Burnside joined Birch in 1999, and has most recently been responsible for Birch’s sales processes, sales support teams, reporting and high-level sales, and other cross-department, company-wide initiatives. She will continue to take those roles on.

“I’m excited to take on this new role at Birch,” she said. “Having worked in both sales and operations I am passionate about being an advocate to bring the two organizations together to create more value for our company and our customers.”

Burnside is also spearheading several objectives for the remainder of the year and into 2016. She highlighted a few of these strategic goals for the company: “2016 is slated to be the year where we take our automation activities to the next level. My teams will be developing new processes that offer more automation for the sales and operational side of the house, whether it be adding more intuitive design to our customer self–service tools to ensure that the interface is easy to use or implementing back-end customization to reinforce business rules and eliminate the probability of human error. Developing better processes and integrating them into our workflows will continue to be a key focus at Birch.”