BullsEye Introduces Improved Cloud-Based Faxing

Michigan-based BullsEye Telecom is delivering a new faxing solution to help companies increase their productivity and lower faxing costs while maintaining compliance. The service, called Secure Cloud Fax, allows companies ranging from small businesses to large enterprises to eliminate expensive fax equipment and take advantage of nearly unlimited scalability.

With Secure Cloud Fax, faxes are transmitted by email for quick, reliable, private access and are managed in a digital environment. It connects via a company’s existing email network, requires no software or hardware expenditures, and has minimal impact on in-house IT resources, said BullsEye. The service eliminates common problems encountered with traditional fax equipment, such as paper jams, toner replacement, busy signals and time spent waiting for faxes to be sent; and users can end and receive faxes on any device at any time from any location. There’s also the peace of mind knowing that faxes will be kept secure and in compliance with various regulations.

“This exciting enhancement will enable enterprises to eliminate expensive fax equipment and just as importantly support their efforts to securely send or receive fax sensitive or confidential documents with advanced encryption protection. Secure Cloud Fax has you covered,” said Bruce Stadler, product manager for BullsEye Telecom. “The simplicity, reliability and cost savings of this cloud-based solution results in a tailored solution for our customers that’s scalable and flexible to meet their exact needs.”