Cara Veterinary Pioneers Pet Care through Comcast Business Solutions


Comcast Business announced it is providing Cara Veterinary, one of Washington’s leading veterinary care networks, with Ethernet Dedicated Internet (EDI) at its 10 locations across that state. The technology powers network connections and technology-dependent veterinary care services across all of Cara Veterinary’s locations to enhance the efficiency and reliability of Cara’s network of clinics.

Rooted in the Irish word for ‘friend,’ Cara Veterinary understands pets increasingly are considered irreplaceable family members – for many, pets are closer to children than they are animals.

As a result, Cara Veterinary has evolved its practice since its establishment in 2018 to ensure its healthcare model addresses the medical needs of animals and the emotional needs of humans.

With 10 clinic locations across the greater Seattle region, Cara Veterinary listens to its clients with empathy and treats them like family. The company is known for prioritizing the health and happiness of pets, approaching its work with compassion, as well as being active in the communities it serves.

This approach ensures that Cara Veterinary can offer pets and their owners care and foster relationships built on trust and expertise.

While the veterinary industry relies on technology to conduct pet exams, over the past several years, the operations side of the industry has evolved to become more tech-forward. For Cara Veterinary, that shift presented opportunities to connect with and listen to their clients by using technology to create stronger customer connections.

Paper-based files have become electronic medical records that clinics and customers can access, and communication between clinic staff and customers has expanded from phone calls to online booking platforms, chats and emails.

Additionally, in the pursuit of re-imagining what veterinary care looks like, Cara Veterinary often experiments with new ways of delivering care and communicating with its customers, incorporating pioneering technologies and modernized operations into its ecosystem of clinics.

Cara Veterinary recognized that a reliable network backbone would be essential to support these business needs and their ongoing mission of compassionate care. The company turned to Comcast Business for technology that could handle current and future bandwidth demands.

“Our intricate technology ecosystem, which spans from patient records to diagnostic lab results and multi-faceted customer communications, is the pulse of our operations, so we need an advanced network powering our workflow,” said Peter Brown, president of Cara Veterinary. “Comcast Business not only assures us the network speed we need, but also peace of mind thanks to its reliable infrastructure.”

With EDI from Comcast Business integrated across all Cara Veterinary locations, the technology helps guarantee lightning-fast network speeds for staff and customers. Beyond connectivity, the tech-infused synergy among the clinics facilitates operational cohesion, like cross-location bookings.

Moreover, by automating and streamlining many administrative tasks, Cara Veterinary’s staff can shift its focus from paperwork to personalized client and pet interactions, making every visit more memorable.

In spring 2024, Cara Veterinary will open the doors of its 11th clinic location in the greater Seattle area. Comcast Business is set to provide EDI at the newest location and support Cara Veterinary as it integrates the clinic into its broader network of facilities.

The expansion is a testament to the demand for Cara Veterinary’s services and to Comcast Business’ ability to evolve its solutions in tandem with its customers’ growth.

“The real power of technology lies not just in automation, but in its potential to forge deeper, more meaningful interactions between businesses and the people they serve,” said Rob Brenner, vice president of Comcast Business for Comcast’s Pacific Northwest Region. “Cara Veterinary’s approach to serving its customers is a prime example of how technology can foster genuine human connections. Comcast Business is proud to provide the technological backbone that allows Cara Veterinary to create those invaluable human-to-human moments.”

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