CDG Completes 8YY Reform Enhancements Ahead of Schedule

Communications Data Group (CDG) has announced the recent completion of enhancements to CDG’s interconnection, carrier access, and circuit billing and management solution, BDS-I, to support the FCC’s regulatory changes to billing originating 8YY usage.

The rule changes, which go into effect on July 1, 2021, are designed to remove underlying incentives for 8YY arbitrage schemes, such as traffic pumping, benchmarking, mileage pumping, and double-dipping fraud schemes that exploited existing inter-carrier compensation rules.

The BDS-I system enhancements for the 8YY reform changes were completed ahead of schedule, which will provide BDS-I clients additional time for updating their information and testing prior to the July 1 effective date.

“The CDG team and the BDS-I client task force deserve a big hand for their dedication and expediency in identifying and implementing the system enhancements needed to support the new 8YY rating changes,” said CDG Vice President of Development Stan Redden. “It’s also important to note that we started preparing and analyzing for 8YY reform back when the proposal was first presented, which really helped us complete the project ahead of schedule. The success of the project is another great example of how our industry awareness, client involvement, and unparalleled knowledge and experience in carrier billing continue to set BDS-I apart from other systems, as the leading industry solution for billing and managing interconnection and circuit-based services.”