Ceragon Ushers in 5G Accessibility in Urban & Rural North America

Ceragon Networks Ltd., a global innovator and solutions provider of 5G wireless transport, has announced new orders and renewed partnerships with large North American service providers.

These orders focus on expanding 5G network reach in dense areas, as well as keeping rural areas connected, up to speed and able to compete with the rest of the world on a level footing. These material orders, among others, have resulted in strong Q2 bookings in North America.

One of the companies who selected Ceragon is a large Tier 1 North American carrier who field-tested multiple solutions. As Ceragon performed better than competitors, the operator successfully deployed, validated and accepted Ceragon’s Multiband Solution delivering a staggering 10 Gbps over four miles. Thanks to this solution, mobile subscribers will see higher download speeds and the operator will enjoy increased customer satisfaction and reduced churn.

With remote work still highly prevalent, end-users need reliable and fast broadband connectivity. Especially in rural North America, broadband connectivity has become an essential service and a virtual lifeline. In support of 5G traffic, operators need significantly more capacity and better performance. But because fiber optic is either not possible or economically not viable in these areas, there is a growing need for wireless multi-gigabit transport over distances greater than two miles.

To meet this demand, operators turn to Ceragon to provide a compact, reliable, and scalable wireless transport solution for challenging, long-distance rural deployments. With higher link throughput, node aggregation capacities and multi carrier load balancing, Ceragon’s solutions have enabled operators to offer end-users higher value services.