Chetu Joins Brightspot Partner Network to Bolster CMS

Software solutions and support services provider Chetu partnered with Brightspot, a content management system (CMS) provider, to extend best-in-class capabilities as the content program evolves.

As a member of Brightspot’s partner network, Chetu’s experience in CMS software development is expected to complement Brightspot’s mission to provide an API-first platform for more quickly delivering and executing CMS projects. Brightspot will specifically leverage Chetu’s custom software solutions expertise, opening up its API-first platform to a new audience of developers and end users. The partnership is expected to empower businesses to seamlessly elevate existing CMSs.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Brightspot to give up-and-coming players more opportunities to grow their companies and improve their rankings,” said Alexander Ewing-Shaw, partnership manager, Chetu. “We recognize the value that Brightspot’s API-first platform brings with its headless capabilities and pre-built integrations, and we look forward to offering our expertise in CMS software development to help elevate the API-first platform even further.”

“As a leader in delivering custom CMS solutions, Chetu offers unparalleled expertise to guide clients through the ever-evolving digital landscape,” added Brightspot chief strategy officer, Sandeep Hulsandra. “With Brightspot’s flexible, integration-ready architecture, we’re excited to empower Chetu’s customers with the content platform and tools they need to deliver world-class digital experiences.”

For details on the Chetu and Brightspot partner programs, click here and here.