CloudPassage Intros Modular Security Software

CloudPassage has announced packaged offerings for CloudPassage Halo, available via channel partners.

CloudPassage Halo is now comprised of three packages–Halo Protect, Halo Segment and Halo Detect–which can be purchased separately or in any combination to provide workload protection, microsegmentation, compromise detection, compliance, DevSecOps and AWS EC2 security. At one-third the full platform pricing, the packages provide enterprises with a more cost-effective entry point to workload security and the flexibility to add fully integrated functionality as the need arises.

“While most of our customers eventually use the full range of security controls in CloudPassage Halo, many are initially looking for a more tailored solution to a specific security problem,” said Jack Marsal, product marketing director, CloudPassage. “These solution-focused packages allow enterprises to address their most acute security problem in the most cost-effective manner while giving them flexibility to add a broader range of security controls as their security needs evolve. Customers can evolve their security systems and posture at the pace which is right for them.”

Halo Protect reduces the software attack surface of workloads by ensuring proper security configuration, discovering software vulnerabilities and controlling administrative access. Halo Segment reduces the network attack surface through traffic discovery, host firewall orchestration and multi-factor network authentication. And Halo Detect alerts administrators if any of the workloads have been compromised by monitoring whether important files have changed and by monitoring important server log files.

“Qualpay has been using CloudPassage for two years, primarily to monitor our servers for compromise detection,” said Todd Troutman, system administrator, Qualpay. “Halo has become critical to our PCI compliance posture. With Halo, we can rapidly meet new PCI requirements, as well as new interpretations of existing requirements. We’ve recently started leveraging CloudPassage Halo’s traffic discovery and visualization functions in order to micro-segment workloads and add visibility.”

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