Colt Presents ‘The World in 2030’ in Partnership with BCE Global, Ciena

Colt Technology Services, a provider of world-class network and voice connectivity to businesses in Asia, Europe, and the United States, announced it will present a session with renowned economist Hamish McRae (pictured), in partnership with BCE Global (a Bell Canada division) and Ciena, taking place July 6.

Andrew Edison, Colt’s EVP – Sales, Marketing & CRM (Interim), will speak alongside McRae, associate editor and economics commentator at The Independent and City Columnist at the Mail, at 9 a.m. (ET) in a virtual session called “The World in 2030: a Global Connected Economy.”

The session abstract reads: “How will the global economy impact your future network? Where are we now in the global economic cycle? How will long term remote working and learning impact local and regional economies and businesses?”

Join the session to find out:

  • The increased importance of global connectivity with partner countries such as Canada
  • Long-term global relationships and structural changes in the global economy
  • How are societal and cultural changes impacting the economy?
  • The economic impacts of the increased shift to online and the cloud

The virtual event is free. To learn more and to pre-register go here.