Comcast Partners with Versa to Extend ActiveCore for SASE Delivery

Comcast Business announced the expansion of its secure network solutions portfolio as a result of its strategic partnership with Versa Networks. The collaboration brings Advanced Security solutions to the Comcast Business ActiveCore software defined networking (SDN) platform – helping midsize and large enterprise customers secure their networks, devices and employees from a variety of cyberthreats.

Comcast Business brings together network speed, scale, and security into an elegant, unified digital experience and is positioned to deliver advanced secure network solutions anywhere in the United States.

Comcast Business Advanced Security solutions help protect organizations against ransomware, malware, botnets, network intrusion and other cyberthreats via the ActiveCore platform, and leverage SASE and advanced security features offered through Versa on-premises and cloud-based solutions.

“As the network edge continues to expand and evolve, businesses must be prepared for a variety of cyberthreats and attacks,” said Bob Victor, head of product, Comcast Business. “Advanced security enables businesses to better protect themselves and their employees from cyberthreats with integrated security. This latest integration is a result of our longstanding, strategic partnership with Versa Networks and we’re excited to bring this to our midsize and large enterprise customers.”

Comcast Business secure network solutions leverage the secure access service edge (SASE) framework to bring compelling network and security solutions to business customers.

“Versa Networks is a foundational partner and enabler of our SASE vision for the ActiveCore platform,” said Jeff Lewis, VP, ActiveCore Product and Operations, Comcast Business.