Confluera Enhances Cloud eXtended Detection, Response Solution

Confluera, a provider of next-generation cloud cyber-attack detection and response, has updated its Cloud eXtended Detection and Response (CxDR) solution. The company’s product update extends the cloud-native threat storyboarding capabilities of its CxDR solution to support Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). In addition, the update deepens the solutions’ existing integration and support of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other security solutions.

First launched in July 2021, Confluera CxDR offers real-time threat storyboarding, giving organizations full visibility into any active attack progressions and helping to reduce the industry average time to detect and mitigate advanced attacks.

By expanding the threat detection storyboarding capabilities of its CxDR solution to support cloud service providers, Confluera customers can overcome the cybersecurity hurdles of multi-cloud and experience consistent, comprehensive and seamless security coverage across their entire cloud environments.

“While the deployment of multi-cloud environments can help organizations rapidly scale their digital transformation and business growth initiatives, security concerns continue to be a primary barrier to its adoption,” said John Morgan, CEO of Confluera. “In order to effectively protect cloud environments, organizations require security solutions that one; tightly integrate with cloud service providers and two; easily deploy alongside existing investments and processes. The latest updates to the Confluera solution provide more enhanced capabilities on both these fronts – as we continue to strive towards removing the security complexities associated with the cloud.”

In addition to extending its cloud provider support, Confluera’s latest release provides deeper cloud-native integration with AWS. The Confluera platform is enabled to receive events and signals from AWS CloudTrail and AWS RDS, offering more enhanced visibility and detection capabilities.

The patented threat storyboarding capability extends to the cloud API plane to detect sophisticated attacks.

Confluera CxDR also expanded its integration with other solutions for maximum impact including Devo’s next-gen SIEM for cloud detection and Jira to enable incident tracking ticket creation. Additional integration enables simple and accelerated security deployments with agentless option to monitor Windows workloads.

Confluera’s new features and enhancements to its CxDR solution are available to all existing and new customers without any additional licensing fees. To learn more about Confluera and its solutions, visit