ConnectWise Launches Backup Data Recovery Offering

ConnectWise, a provider of business automation software for technology solution providers (TSPs), has launched ConnectWise Recover Complete BDR, a comprehensive offering integrating multiple third-party backup vendors into the ConnectWise platform.

With this offering, TSPs gain a powerful service management console to monitor and manage all their BDR solutions, reducing complexities like duplicated processes as well as significant management overhead.

In addition, TSPs can use ConnectWise network operations center (NOC) services for management of the solutions, removing the need to dedicate full-time resources to backup tasks. Based on data gathered from ConnectWise partners, Recover and NOC services can save up to 90 percent of partners’ time per month managing backups.

The ConnectWise Recover Complete BDR allows TSPs to:

  • Use multiple BDR vendors, with a choice of solution to best fit their needs
  • View the status of all their customers protected endpoints in a single interface
  • Manage their status via alerting and ticketing
  • Define policies to onboard customers
  • Build and automate workflows
  • Manage their standard operating procedures
  • Define uniform reports and simplify their billing experience, by buying licenses through the ConnectWise Marketplace and receiving one bill for all solutions from ConnectWise

Additionally, TSPs can procure ConnectWise NOC services, which will provide them with always available, highly trained and experienced technicians to take over much of the daily tasks for troubleshooting and monitoring backups. This frees up critical partner technicians to focus on tasks that deliver value to their clients.

To learn more about ConnectWise Recover Complete BDR, click here or visit the ConnectWise Recover team at the ConnectWise booth at IT Nation Secure.