Console Connect Relaunches CloudRouter

Console Connect has relaunched the CloudRouter to deliver global virtual routing across one of the world’s largest high-performance networks.

Console Connect’s CloudRouter removes the complexity of network configuration and management by creating a secure, dedicated and on-demand network between different network endpoints, such as cloud and SaaS applications, enterprise locations, other networks and more.

CloudRouter creates a virtual full mesh among network endpoints, ensuring that network traffic benefits from enhanced routing between data center locations and the cloud. The solution empowers enterprises to connect any cloud privately and securely to any cloud, or any cloud to any location, without dedicated hardware.

CloudRouter leverages Console Connect’s global, high-performance network, which includes a redundant and resilient global subsea cable network and allows users to select from different tiers of class of service to prioritize traffic for critical applications in their network architecture.

Paul Gampe, CTO of Console Connect and founder of CloudRouter, said, “CloudRouter is back. Through a series of enhancements, Console Connect has taken CloudRouter beyond multi-cloud connectivity and given our users the ability to create a scalable virtual full-meshed network that ebbs and flows according to the needs of their business.”

Console Connect was an early pioneer in the development of virtual routing solutions for multi-cloud environments and first launched CloudRouter in 2015 as a collaborative open-source project to create a powerful, easy-to-use router designed for the cloud.

The global pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and organizations today are more committed to the cloud than ever. Gartner estimates 75 percent of organizations that have invested in cloud infrastructure-as-a-service will go on to adopt multi-cloud strategies by the end of 2022.

Console Connect provides direct access to the world’s largest cloud platforms, including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and more, through a choice of more than 150 cloud on-ramps worldwide.

Console Connect VP of Digital Innovation Michael Glynn said, “CloudRouter is a game changer for Console Connect that enables our users to connect their different cloud and SaaS applications at the click of a button without the need to install, manage or maintain any equipment. CloudRouter also provides endless opportunities for users to extend their network environment without worrying about additional network configuration and management.”

Businesses can use CloudRouter to connect between different cloud platforms and cloud regions, automate their data backup and recovery between clouds with optimized, reliable and redundant connectivity and establish secure and fast connections to multiple SaaS providers.

With the addition of a Console Connect Access Port, businesses can link their enterprise locations and network environments, including data centers, Wide Area Networks (WAN) and last-mile access, with the ability to connect IoT devices across more than 100 countries. This opens opportunities for enterprises to use CloudRouter to connect their private WAN with the cloud to support hybrid environments.

A range of on-demand services are available to Console Connect users through a single Access Port, including Layer 2 interconnections between a global footprint of more than 800 data centers, remote peering at some of the world’s largest internet exchanges, enhanced internet access and global IoT connectivity.

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