Console Debuts Partnership Programs

Console has announced partner programs for data center operators, network service providers (NSP) and technology partners.

The programs offer ongoing collaboration and integrate with Console’s software and advanced interconnection platform, which provides a secure, simple and faster way for companies across the globe to directly connect.

Console Partner Program members include: Technology Partner BTI Systems; Data Center Partners 910Telecom, Hurricane Electric, Netelligent Hosting Services, RACK59, ScaleMatrix, and T5 Data Centers; NSP Partners including: iTel, Metro Optic, One Source Networks, Online Tech, SummitIG, VeloCloud and Zayo Group.

“We are excited to welcome these new partners to our growing Console ecosystem,” said Al Burgio, CEO of Console and IIX Inc. “We look forward to working alongside all Console partners as we foster new innovation, enterprise-to-enterprise collaboration, and drive cloud-enablement at an increased pace.”

Providing a turnkey solution for data center operators to offer customers direct access to Console, the Console Data Center Partner Program provides the necessary support to make a data center Console-enabled as well as access to marketing resources to highlight their business. Upon establishing a network-to-network interface with one or multiple Console nodes located in various regions across the globe, Console NSP Partners can offer customers direct access to Console with secure speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps, bypassing the public Internet.