CoreSite Taps RPM Telco for Commission App

CoreSite, a provider of data center and interconnection solutions across the U.S., has chosen RPM Telco in an effort to support its growing partner relationships across its channel program, which launched in 2014.

RPM Telco, a commission processing application for channel programs, provides the necessary infrastructure and platform for CoreSite to continue to scale its channel program, which is comprised of distribution, agent and referral partners. RPM Telco’s software solution also integrates with CoreSite’s channel partners’ systems, thereby increasing collaboration.

“Since its inception, CoreSite’s channel partner program has seen strong growth due to the formation of relationships with key master agents and strengthening relationships with established strategic partners,” said Steve Smith, CoreSite’s senior vice president of sales and marketing. “CoreSite is committed to supporting our partners and enabling their success, and the industry-leading solution provided by RPM Telco will allow us to simplify the commission processing process and increase efficiency across the dedicated channel team.”

“We are proud to announce CoreSite has selected RPM Telco to increase efficiencies for its channel program,” added Thierry Geoffroy-Chateau, managing director for RPM Telco. “CoreSite is a major player across many verticals in the telco space and a best-of-breed organization. We share the same vision of providing our customers with top-notch technology solutions to satisfy their every need.”

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