Cycode Launches ASPM Marketplace

Application security posture management (ASPM) firm Cycode launched the ASPM marketplace. The ASPM marketplace features more than 100 connectors and integrations, and allows customers to seamlessly integrate and ingest findings from relevant third-party security tools, complement and contextualize those findings with native scanners and eliminate gaps in the supply chain security.

Cycode’s ASPM marketplace helps customers gain a wider view of their applications and runtime environments by showcasing connectors that are relevant and complementary to their application security workflows. By utilizing the Cycode ConnectorX module and its open, click and connect ASPM capability, customers can ingest third-party security data into Cycode. This allows native scanners to provide additional context and deliver a “trust but verify” approach. This unique set features Cycode’s risk intelligence graph (RIG) and helps developers and security teams collaboratively diagnose, resolve and preempt threats in mission-critical code.

“The launch of our ASPM marketplace is a major leap in building a comprehensive security ecosystem… and we’re proud to be first,” said Seth Robbins, CRO, Cycode. “Unlike competitors, Cycode’s singular focus on application security and our integrated Risk Intelligence Graph give customers unparalleled precision in their threat prioritization – table stakes for any effective ASPM.”

Additionally, Cycode announced its Cygives initiative. Cygives offers developers free access to industry-leading open source solutions such as Bearer SAST, Raven and Cimon.

Cycode also welcomed Prasad Raman as head of strategic alliances. An industry veteran, Raman will spearhead business development efforts with technology partners, global systems, integrators and CSPs. Prior to Cycode, he led strategic alliances for SecurityScorecard and held product management and corporate strategy roles with IBM.

“I am delighted to join Cycode, especially at this moment, as software is becoming critical to every industry. It has never been more important to help businesses ensure that the code they rely on is secure and minimizes their risk exposure,” noted Raman. “Having spent years in the cybersecurity industry, I know the value of deep strategic alliances and the importance of bringing integrated solutions to customers. Cycode is on an exciting trajectory, and I’m thrilled to build a network of alliances helping us deliver the industry’s only Complete ASPM.”

For Cycode’s partner program, visit here.