DE-CIX New York Begins Open-IX Certification

DE-CIX North America Inc. has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Open-IX Association (OIX), to start the process for DE-CIX New York to become OPEN-IX-certified.

The OPEN-IX technical requirements for Internet exchange points (IXPs), OIX-1, outline a minimum level of functionality for exchanges and deliver publicly available information to the participants of the exchange about the quality and functionality of its service offering, physical infrastructure, operations and more.

“DE-CIX has been following the development of OPEN-IX closely,” said Harald Summa, president of DE-CIX. “OPEN-IX has gained traction and proves to be valuable to the continued evolution of the U.S. Internet marketplace. We look forward to being a part of it.”

“With nine switches in seven data centers and more than 100 access points, the DE-CIX New York exchange provides more access for customers than any other North American Internet exchange. We are in the process of adding three additional facilities to our New York network, as we believe reach is a crucial success factor for us,” added DE-CIX CMO Frank Orlowski.

DE-CIX also has appointed Steven Schecter, senior manager of network architecture at Akamai Technologies, as the first member of the customer advisory board for its North American operations. Advisory board members will serve as subject matter experts and advisors to DE-CIX New York on topics of running, expanding and growing the exchange.

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