Dell to Provide Cloud Tech to GE

Dell extended its relationship with GE to assist it with managing its ITaaS (IT-as-a-Service) infrastructure services. The partnership is expected to allow GE to more easily scale IT infrastructure in 170 countries, worldwide, while also helping GE to “create leaner and more autonomous business units.”

GE will specifically employ Dell on-premise cloud-based technology – such as the APEX portfolio – to transition its IT resources without requiring reorganization. GE expects to integrate automation and software architecture to support increasing workloads, including traditional IT applications and data analytics.

“Since we began working with GE, our goal has been to help them reduce the complexity of their vast interconnected IT resources and deliver a simple way to adapt to the changes in business strategy,” noted Dell President, Global Sales & Customer Operations, Bill Scannell. “With APEX Custom Solutions, GE can drive automation and cost savings across its varied businesses and still maintain predictability by aligning its expenses with the business value received from the technology.”