Desktone, GreenBytes Team on Wholesale DaaS Platform

Desktone and GreenBytes have announced a strategic partnership to offer service providers an all-in-one, on-premises solution for rolling out desktop-as-a-service (DaaS).

The wholesale offering combines the Desktone DaaS Platform with the GreenBytes vIO virtual storage appliance. It’s a pre-configured, all-in-one virtual desktop appliance, including storage, compute and desktop virtualization software, that resides at the customer site and is managed remotely through the cloud by a cloud provider.

“Cost and management complexities are huge barriers to virtual desktop deployments. Desktone and GreenBytes are both known for tackling these challenges with innovative cloud services and storage deduplication technologies that optimize desktop virtualization, respectively,” said Mark Bowker, senior analyst at ESG. “By providing a converged appliance that minimizes storage needs and offloads virtual desktop management to service providers, the companies can significantly ease the path to virtual desktops.”

Desktone’s multi-tenancy and ability to manage multiple locations from one infrastructure enables service providers to deliver a hybrid cloud model. GreenBytes’ vIO virtual storage appliance leverages GreenBytes’ zero latency inline de-duplication technology, which sends only truly unique data to the storage system, to reduce the amount of data stored—the company said by more than 90 percent—and boosts performance of virtual desktops.

In terms of management, customers use the Desktone DaaS Platform’s IT portal to add, remove and edit virtual desktops, while service providers use the DaaS Platform’s Service Provider’s Portal to provision and manage the virtual desktop environment.

“Many businesses that want to implement full-featured virtual desktops have been waylaid by the high cost and complexities inherent in building and managing the infrastructure,” said Danny Allan, CTO, Desktone. “Desktone and GreenBytes have had great success in helping businesses remove those obstacles and now, by integrating GreenBytes’ IO offload solution with our purpose-built, cloud-managed DaaS platform, we’re making it even easier for companies to implement high-performing, low-cost virtual desktops.”

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