DH2i, Nubelity Enter into Strategic Channel Agreement

DH2i, a provider of multi-platform software-defined perimeter (SDP) and smart availability software, and Nubelity, a globally recognized cloud architecture and cloud transformation specialist, announced they have entered into a strategic channel agreement.

Under its terms, Nubelity will offer DxEnterprise and DxOdyssey software as key components of its end-to-end solutions, in order to ensure end clients’ business and IT operations are always on and always secure. Based in Texas, Nubelity is a well-known and respected solutions provider in Latin America. As such, the agreement also serves to extend DH2i’s market reach into this robust and rapidly growing region.

The two companies also announced the deployment of DH2i’s DxEnterprise in a Nubelity end client, a Latin American bank, to help ensure the always-on availability of its cloud-based fintech services. More specifically, the bank is using DxEnterprise for SDP-Enhanced Microsoft SQL Server Availability Groups on Linux in the AWS cloud. In doing so, the bank can benefit from VPN-less SQL server AGs on Linux that span easily across platforms, sites, clouds and regions without the risk of using open ports and as much as four times the performance of VPN-based SQL server AGs.

Nubelity has joined the DH2i DxAdvantage Partner Program. As a member, Nubelity will be able to drive customer outcomes and increase wallet share. Learn more about the DH2i DxAdvantage Partner Program here: https://dh2i.com/become-a-partner/.

The DH2i AWS Marketplace page detailing product information and current offers can be found here: https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/seller-profile?id=4e97d4b7-3366-42fd-8be8-732d38c9e24b.