Domino Data Lab Enhances Partner Program

Domino Data Lab, a provider of the Enterprise MLOps platform, has unveiled new offerings in its partner program. New accreditations, training and validated ecosystem integrations will enable Domino’s partners to broaden the use of its platform alongside other industry-leading data science ecosystem technologies as well as build new solutions on Domino to accelerate data science innovation at scale.

Two new Domino partner accreditation programs—part of Domino University—are tailored to enable implementation and consulting as well as solutions partners to help clients and customers realize business value from their data science investment:

  • The Domino Data Science Practitioner Accreditation focuses on training data science practitioners on proven methods to create data science and machine learning projects from scratch on Domino.
  • The Domino App Administration Accreditation focuses on training Domino admins identified by data science and IT teams in best practices to manage the Domino platform as a hub of innovation after it’s installed.

These new programs train consultants to get their clients up to speed quickly — foundational to Domino’s partner-first services model. Solutions partners will benefit with the knowledge to intuitively build custom offerings on top of Domino’s platform.

“As Domino continues to blaze new trails in the data science platform market, scaling through partners is a critical part of our strategy,” said Thomas Robinson, COO at Domino Data Lab. “These new partner offerings expedite customer time to value from data science investments and augment solution partners’ ability to build differentiated, best-in-class solutions tailored to their respective industries.”

Partners play a key role in Domino’s growth and roadmap and are a core part of the company’s largest investments.

Domino will showcase the continued growth of its ecosystem at Rev 4, scheduled for May 31-June 2. The annual Rev Enterprise MLOps Leadership Summit convenes data science leaders from the most analytically advanced enterprises. Domino partners are invited to get accredited by Domino University and participate via a variety of sponsorship options.

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