Element Critical, Megaport Partner to Improve Network Agility

Element Critical is partnering with Megaport, a network as a service (NaaS) provider, to optimize enterprise network agility for customers adopting hybrid data center architectures. Network interconnection demand is accelerating with the adoption of edge infrastructures and connected network services.

Enterprises increasingly require practical and highly connected data storage solutions to meet performance, compliance, security, and cost optimization business outcomes.

Through this partnership, Element Critical customers can connect directly to cloud providers, such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and Megaport’s global ecosystem of more than 700 data centers and 360-plus service providers, via a secure flexible network.

“Element Critical has established a footprint in several of the nation’s fastest growing markets, and we’re pleased to partner to help customers simplify their data center interconnect and hybrid cloud deployment strategies,” said Nick Balletta, SVP, Global Corporate Development, Megaport.

Anchoring Element Critical’s cloud connect offerings, the Megaport network will help customers optimize their hybrid IT solutions with secure and direct interconnection to public cloud service providers with higher performance, lower latency, greater control and improved reliability.

Customers that adopt private interconnection avoid risky public internet connection and benefit from reduced cloud egress fees compared to internet rates, delivering significant cost savings. Customers will also have the flexibility to right-size their connections to ensure they can scale services while optimizing costs, dialing bandwidth up or down at any time. Near instantaneous provisioning also offers rapid business agility.

Element Critical customers will be able to establish seamless connectivity between regions and cloud service providers without the need to own and manage physical infrastructure at the cloud edge, establish direct connectivity to numerous leading cloud and network providers, and achieve global reach with localized connections on the Megaport network.

For more information, visit the EC Cloud Connect page on Element Critical’s website or go to www.megaport.com