EMEA MSP iOCO Selects CloudBolt as FinOps Solution

CloudBolt Software, a leader in automating, optimizing and governing hybrid-cloud, multi-tool environments for global enterprises, announced iOCO, a digital transformation and managed services provider (MSP) that delivers solutions to customers in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the United Kingdom and is a subsidiary of EOH, Africa’s foremost technology solutions provider, has chosen CloudBolt Cost Management to power its FinOps managed services offerings.

FinOps helps take control of cloud spending, provides visibility into who is spending what where and identifies underused resources, drives intelligent purchasing decisions and optimizes the reporting and continuous appraisal of the cloud environment as services change.

Embracing cloud technology is a major digital transformation initiative that is as much about achieving business objectives efficiently and cost effectively as it is about the promise of agility, scale and innovation.

A FinOps approach to cloud spending is important but can be challenging to implement and many companies struggle to see results quickly. CloudBolt’s Cost Management platform provides teams with the tools to manage cloud costs and optimization efforts effectively and at scale, generating a return on investment in months instead of years.

iOCO, a long-time CloudBolt partner, has integrated CloudBolt products into its internal operations and leveraged them to enhance the cloud services it offers to its clients.

For example, a prominent steel manufacturer across the Sub-Saharan region confronted multifaceted challenges in managing a diverse mix of clouds, all amid escalating costs and complex budget requirements. iOCO helped the client implement CloudBolt Cost Management which resulted in a 42 percent cost savings on cloud spend optimization in three months.

The platform’s enhanced visibility also suggests the potential for an additional five percent cost reduction, underscoring the effectiveness of CloudBolt’s solution.

To learn more about CloudBolt Cost Management and the future of efficient cloud cost optimization, click here.

For more information, visit www.cloudbolt.io or go to www.ioco.uk