Enea Joins Microsoft Azure Operator Nexus Ready Program

Enea announces today that it is joining the Microsoft Azure Operator Nexus Ready program. The introduction of Enea’s Telecom product portfolio will enhance mobile operators’ ability to unlock the potential of 5G and provide more choices in pre-validated solutions to ensure a faster time to deployment for solutions.

Enea’s telecom products include the Stratum Network Data layer, 5G Service Engine, Subscription Manager and Policy Manager, providing a range of subscriber data management, authorization and traffic management capabilities for 4G and 5G mobile environments.

Azure Operator Nexus Ready program provides an API layer to automate and manage network functions. The Enea network functions will integrate and validate at the API interoperability level and the automated deployment level to provide telecom operators the option to build, host and operate these containerized functions as part of a network in a cloud or hybrid cloud environment.

As pre-validated services, the Enea network functions will be available in the Azure Marketplace.

“The integration with Microsoft Azure Operator Nexus demonstrates Enea’s commitment to multi-vendor telecom architecture, software-based solution and open interoperability,” said Osvaldo Aldao, VP of product management at Enea. “The addition of our Stratum network data layer as an open 5G UDR & UDSF will provide the data management foundation to drive a fully cloud-native architecture with Azure Operator Nexus.”

For more information: www.enea.com