Ericsson Signs $2B Revolving Credit Facility to Promote Carbon Neutrality, Climate Targets

Ericsson signed a $2 billion sustainability-linked revolving credit facility, whereby it is renewing an undrawn sum signed in 2013. The transaction is backed by “leading” global and regional banks.

The renewed facility will serve as a facility for “general corporate purposes” and is connected to Ericsson key performance indicator initiatives for carbon neutrality and climate targets, and has a five-year span with two optional, one-year extensions.

“Sustainability is an integral part of Ericsson’s strategy and has been critical for our success in recent years, not least when it comes to work within energy consumption and the energy performance of our products,” said company CFO, Carl Mellander. “Incorporating sustainability KPIs into this new credit facility is an important step in our continuous work to integrate our sustainability ambitions throughout our operations”.

HSBC  and SEB acted as Coordinators for the facility, whilst SEB also acted as Sustainability Coordinator. Swedbank is the Facility Agent.