Exabeam Launches Technology Alliance Program

Exabeam has announced its 3D (Data Integration, Data Analytics and Data Applications) Technology Alliance Program, and initial security partners within the program.

The Exabeam platform provides an analytics layer that enhances existing log management, big data and security intelligence solutions. The platform can be extended in a variety of ways, including new data feeds, data models, security rules and end-user applications. Exabeam will work with technology partners to deliver joint solutions that provide customers with the most advanced cyber protection on the market.

Categories within the Exabeam 3D Technology Alliance Program include endpoint protection, cloud security, network security, data-loss prevention and threat intelligence, as well as log management and security intelligence. Launching with more than 35 initial partners, including Bit9 + Carbon Black, Centrify, Dtex Systems, Skyhigh Networks and Situational, customers have the assurance that their technology solutions are able to communicate with each other effectively so threats aren’t lost in a sea of noise.

“While Exabeam is designed to deliver fast time to value out of the box, the underlying platform was built for extensibility,” said Nir Polak, Exabeam CEO and founder. “Customers want to see value right away, but also want a data science-driven security platform for the future. We work with other leading vendors to integrate our products and deliver value both today and tomorrow.”

Joint customers can work with Exabeam and its technology partners, as well as a wide variety of service providers, to extend and customize the solutions as needed.