Faction Adds Level 3 at Cloud Centers

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud provider Faction has announced that it has added Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions at three of its cloud locations: Denver, Chicago and New York/New Jersey.

Level 3 will be a preferred network provider underlying Faction’s Layer 2 Direct Connect offering, a patented service that allows customers to plug in their network into Faction’s cloud without time-consuming redesigns of subnets or topologies.

In addition to private connectivity, Level 3 offers the ability to quickly add or change connections between WANs and public, private and hybrid cloud resources within Level 3’s ecosystem of cloud services and data centers, as well as on-demand bandwidth capabilities and enhanced network reporting through its Adaptive Network Control Solutions.

“Faction is the de facto standard for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, which makes it extremely suited for service providers,” said Luke Norris, CEO of Faction. “Our hybrid mentality is one of the reasons we selected Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions, as we can easily deliver mission critical applications between customer premise and among multiple cloud locations quickly and reliably. Most importantly, we can provide improved security and flexibility to our customer ecosystem.”