First Orion Provides Zofeur Solution to Increase Efficiency

First Orion, a provider of branded communication solutions for businesses, has partnered with Zofeur, an on-demand and pay-per-minute personal chauffeur service platform with no minimum usage commitment. Zofeur leverages First Orion’s ENGAGE to increase operational efficiency and customer trust by branding outbound phone calls made to customers.

First Orion’s branded communication technology brands more than 80 percent of Zofeur’s outbound calls and enables the chauffeur service to place its name, logo and reason for calling on the call recipient’s mobile device. Consumers have become conditioned not to answer unidentified phone calls due to the prevalence of scams and spam calls. ENGAGE provides consumers with the context for the call and provides spoof protection to reduce scammers from intercepting or duplicating the graphics in real-time.

“Not only do our drivers make fewer calls to the same number since implementing First Orion’s branded communication technology, but they are also having more efficient and engaging conversations since the customer already knows who is calling,” said Bunty Monani, co-founder of Zofeur. “Apart from the clear benefits that branded calling provides to our business and customers, we’re thrilled to collaborate with a tech company that is also at the forefront of its industry.”

Zofeur offers people in Dubai 24/7 access to a network of professionally trained drivers and the ability to book them on-demand through a mobile app.

“Zofeur is a customer-centric company that knows the value each interaction can have in terms of brand reputation and operational efficiency,” said Temim Nawaf Adwan, MEAA Managing Director at First Orion. “The ability to avoid multiple calls and delays due to missed calls is crucial for businesses that rely heavily on timely communication. Our Branded Communication solutions provide an enterprise-wide impact through increased employee productivity, customer engagement and answer rates.”

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