Fonative Supplies Ontario Systems with Trusted Entity Calling Powered by Numeracle

Fonative has announced a live customer deployment of its Trusted Entity Calling solution by a Fonative customer, Ontario Systems, a leading provider of receivables management software to healthcare providers, ARM agencies, and government collections departments. This solution is powered by Numeracle, the pioneer of robocall blocking and labeling visibility in the calling ecosystem.

Fonative’s Trusted Entity Calling provides customers, like Ontario Systems, with phone number registration to increase the connect rate on outbound calls, resulting in more and more effective customer conversations. To accomplish this, Fonative deployed Numeracle’s NumeraCert and NumeraList solutions to vet and verify trust in the calling party’s identity and register phone numbers across the wireless ecosystem.

The cloud-based process is enabling call centers utilizing Ontario Systems’ Omni Voice service to register phone numbers associated with verified entities, laying the groundwork for STIR/SHAKEN call attestation. By validating the numbers with NumeraList, the legitimate calls are identified to the network. As a result, outbound calls to consumers originating from the Ontario Systems’ customer call centers will not be mislabeled and incorrectly displayed as FRAUD or SCAM calls.

Fonative’s carrier-grade CPaaS platform supports leading North American call centers that focus on healthcare-related and financial activities. Calls placed often surround payment and collection matters which involve the sharing, or collecting, of protected health information and payment data. As an intelligent solution, NumeraCert and NumeraList complement Fonative’s best in class, HIPAA, and PCI-compliant communications cloud-based API.