FTC Chooses Granite to Deliver Always-On Network

Granite Telecommunications, a $1.6 billion provider of communications services to multilocation commercial and government customers, announced the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will leverage Granite’s “Built-to-Order” managed SD-WAN solutions to deliver secure and always-on connectivity for voice and data communications for the commission.

Redundancy and security are all vital requirements for the FTC’s communications infrastructure. Granite’s network solution achieves those objectives while reducing taxpayer costs.

Granite’s “Built-to-Order” SD-WAN solution leverages an array of appliances to match a customer’s requirements for performance, security and price based on the customer’s applications, connectivity, fault tolerance and budget.

For the FTC, Granite is delivering a managed VMware SD-WAN service using primary and secondary wireline circuits with backup LTE connectivity as well as a VMware SD-WAN service for fully managed voice and data. The Granite solution supports zero-trust network access and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Trusted Internet Connection policy.

In addition, Granite monitors and manages every SD-WAN deployment to ensure that everything works as promised.

Granite provides SD-WAN and other solutions, through a variety of contract vehicles, such as the GSA IT-70 contract. Granite is also an Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) prime contractor.