Fuse.Cloud Ditches Cisco in Favor of Crexendo’s Platform

People familiar with the telecom space understand it’s competitive. For many years, it’s been dominated by big-name organizations. Others have come and gone in these David vs. Goliath battles, but only a select few have remained.

One company, Crexendo, has stood the test of time, facing a barrage of challenges, including global pandemics, inflation, and more. Now, Crexendo announces a significant accomplishment – Fuse.Cloud ditched its Cisco partnership in favor of Crexendos’s platform, a major milestone for the organization. It demonstrates the quality of the product and how sought out it has become.

Fuse.Cloud is an industry-leading VoIP, internet, and IT managed services business. It helps organizations regain focus by delivering customized business solutions with the support that provides exceptional personal experience. Fuse.Cloud has been a part of the telecommunications sector for two decades and boasts more than 2,500 customers throughout the United States. It understands the need for high-quality and reliable service, a gap that Crexendo fills, which is why Fuse.Cloud chose Crexendo’s NetSapiens UCaaS platform for its communications offering.

Fuse. Cloud went through extensive evaluations before making the decision. It considered other industry-leading solutions for its replacement platform, but the search always led them back to a Crexend solution.

“With over 2.5 million users on their platform, we found the Crexendo offering to be the most feature-rich, robust and scalable solution to suit our needs,” said Garay Watts, CEO of Fuse.Cloud. “With this choice, we were also able to engage with Crexendo on an as-a-service model and preserve capital outlay.”

Crexendo’s CEO Steven G. Mihaylo added, “We are very honored that Fuse.Cloud has selected what I know is the best platform in the industry. We continually make substantial investments to provide our partners the best services that are available anywhere. We deliver a multitude of flexible services that allow our partners to thrive in this very competitive marketplace, that is why our solution is ranked the fastest growing UCaaS platform in North America by Frost & Sullivan.“

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