The Fusion Network Taps Telia for Backbone Services

The Fusion Network has chosen Telia Carrier to provide IP transit and connectivity services to build out its nationwide backbone.

The Fusion Network works with data centers, Internet exchanges, content providers and large fiber owners to create a backbone network for smaller Internet service providers (ISPs) and wireless Internet service providers (WISPs).

The company has lit points of presence (PoPs) in California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Montana and Washington State. The Fusion Network will continue to expand its presence to several other states by the end of 2016.

“By using Telia Carrier, we can rapidly increase backbone and transit capacity and forecast the needs of our network,” said Erich Kaiser, president at The Fusion Network. “After 15 years of working with several other large carriers in the telecom industry, I can say without hesitation that Telia Carrier customer service is unsurpassed. They have gone above and beyond to help us implement our backbone in a timely manner.”

As a member of the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA), The Fusion Network’s goal is to promote the advancement and unification of the WISP industry by bringing the content closer to the provider that allows for an overall better Internet experience for its subscribers. The WISP Industry was formed by entrepreneurs that could not receive high-speed Internet service in rural and urban un-served and under-served areas. The industry is made up of several thousands of smaller networks throughout the world ranging from just 50 subscribers to beyond 200,000 subscribers. The networks utilize fixed-wireless technologies with capable speeds beyond several hundred Mbps to the subscriber.

“It’s our mission to allocate the proper network resources and provide uncompromising customer service in order to address customer pain points and business goals, whether they be regional, national or global,” said Rob Pulkownik, director of market development at Telia Carrier. “Telia Carrier success is defined by our customer-centricity.

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