Great Plains Unveils Managed Whole-Home Wi-Fi Powered by Plume in Nebraska

Great Plains Communications has announced the rollout of GPC Whole-Home Wi-Fi service, Powered by Plume, bringing intuitive Wi-Fi without boundaries to residents in more than 90 communities across Nebraska.

Using cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the advanced Wi-Fi technology service analyzes residential internet usage demands and allocates capacity according to the number and types of devices to deliver the highest quality and most consistent online wireless experience to every device, in every corner of the home. Simple setup takes only minutes, according to the company, and the service is easily managed 24/7 through the user-friendly Plume app.

GPC Whole-Home Wi-Fi includes Plume Adaptive WiFi, which intelligently monitors, adjusts and optimizes home networks for the highest level of internet performance throughout the premises. It also features AI Security, with motion detection and ad and malware blocking.

In addition, HomePass enables parental controls and guest access. Users can manage the type of content that each device or profile can access, even block specific content by device or profile. The Plume App also provides easy setup and delivers daily reports on home Wi-Fi signal strength and network activity.

The standard service offering includes two SuperPods and a router, with additional pods available as needed, depending on the size of the home.