Veristor and Respond Software Announce Partnership

Veristor Systems and Respond Software, innovators in robotic decision automation (RDA) for security operations, have announced that Veristor has been named a strategic member of the Respond Software partner program.

Veristor will offer Respond Analyst, a software automation solution for security operations, to customers looking to decrease the time to diagnose cybersecurity incidents while helping organizations realize more value from all their available data sources.

The Respond Analyst is a virtual security analyst built on RDA, a new class of software automation for security operations. RDA combines the best of human judgment with the scale, consistency, and depth of analysis software can provide. Its reasoning and decision-making skills tackle the complexity and high volume of today’s data facing security teams.

Respond Analyst is now offered as a part of the Veristor suite of security solutions that are designed to solve business challenges through the intelligent application of next-generation security technology.