HiddenLayer Launches Channel Partner Program to Secure AI, MLOps Lifecycle

HiddenLayer, a security provider for AI models and assets, introduced a new partner program for empowering enterprises by providing complete AI protection, including rapid threat detection and security across the entire MLOps lifecycle.

“Our Channel Partner Program is designed to drive innovation by allowing partners to introduce security for AI to their customers, helping to educate more businesses about a new threat landscape,” said Rebecca Cahak, Head of Channel, HiddenLayer. “By leveraging this new offering, partners will ensure margin and deal protection, leverage incentives, access flexible training tools, demo environments and proof of value tools to drive success.”

Specifically, the program allows partners to seamlessly onboard while providing predictable, transparent pricing and flexible licensing models, in addition to an automated, scalable Artificial Intelligence Security (AISec) Platform. Partners can educate customers on a new threat landscape and provide solutions to protect AI, build stronger relationships, establish a team of AI leaders and gain a more competitive edge.

“The HiddenLayer line of products is an important component in our AI security service offerings,” said Matt Keating, Head of AI Security at Booz Allen Hamilton. “We are excited to continue to strengthen our strategic partnership with the HiddenLayer team, furthering our ability for joint strategy and co-solutioning.”

HiddenLayer aims to optimize its current partner network, enhancing it through streamlined support and collaborative offerings. There will be three program tiers – Covert, Concealed and Clandestine – to allow customers to work together with HiddenLayer to achieve the best-shared outcome. Each tier includes pricing discounts, free online sales training, technical enablement and security for AI marketing partnerships. Concealed includes free on-site training and performance incentive programs for extra financial success, while Clandestine includes the aforementioned options, plus account mapping, executive security research briefings and more.

“By joining HiddenLayer’s partner program, we’re enabling customers to safeguard against constantly evolving cybersecurity risks,” said Rick Echevarria, Vice President and General Manager, Intel Security Center of Excellence. “We are now able to provide a scalable security solution for AI and help more businesses foster the acceleration of safer AI adoption.”

Learn more about HiddenLayer’s Channel Partner Program here.