iAreaNet Kicks Off Nonprofit Cloud Challenge

iAreaNet is kicking off a new initiative aimed at spreading the cloud message while helping a wide range of charities and community organizations modernize and streamline their communications infrastructure.

“Nonprofits as central forces in their communities, giving back every day,” said James DeCrescenzo, iAreaNet CEO. “They put all of their resources into fulfilling their missions. Unfortunately, that means there’s little left over to apply to the more fundamental aspects of running a business–like making sure their communications choices can best support their needs, cost-effectively.”

He added, “A non-profit has the same business requirements for mission-critical communications as any other entity, but often don’t have the time or personnel to research their options. Often they take the first offer from the local telco, when they could be taking advantage of the same fully converged, cost-effective approach to those communications that for-profit businesses can and do.”

Together with its VARs and agent sales partners, iAreaNet is offering the Nonprofit Challenge for organizations nationwide, which starts with a comprehensive business communications audit. Then, iAreaNet will design an all-IP, cloud-based solution as an alternative, with an eye to driving thousands out of the organization’s monthly communications bill.

“We are challenging every nonprofit to our competitive analysis, and if we can’t save them money, we will donate $1,000 to their organization,” said Andrew Campbell, managing partner at iAreaNet. “From breast cancer awareness to tornado and hurricane relief to animal welfare organizations, these entities form the backbone of community response throughout America and they deserve our support. The more money we save, the more good can be done. It’s a win across the board.”

iAreaOffice provides businesses, VARs and agents with a secure “office-in-the-cloud” suite includes the latest version of Microsoft Office, which includes Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, and can integrate other software to be delivered as a service, such as QuickBooks, Saga, Amicus, Fireworks or Dreamweaver. iAreaNet’s programmers can also develop and deliver CRM and custom applications, all hosted on iAreaNet’s powerful servers.

Campbell estimates that nonprofits can save on average 30 perfect per month by embracing a cloud-based communications suite. “It’s an approach that gives them big-business functionality, in a secure and reliable way, for a fraction of the cost of a traditional installation,” he said. “And, nonprofits are critically important in every community across the nation. Moving to the cloud frees up their time from maintenance and technology concerns to focus on those core missions.”

The challenge will run through the end of the year.

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