IBM Adds Service Track to Partner Plus Program

IBM introduced a new Service track within Partner Plus that will focus on creating additional opportunities for IBM partners to earn and grow business, supporting consultancies, advisory firms, systems integrators and MSPs in working with IBM and its clients. This latest advancement is designed to redefine relationships between IBM and its partners by delivering improved collaboration, innovation and business opportunity around AI and Hybrid Cloud.

Now, service partners can access additional benefits to support deeper collaboration, accelerate co-creation, bolster alignment with IBM sellers and focus on specialized offerings and badges to deepen technical skills.

Benefits include:

  • Deeper collaboration with IBM to support the success of service partners at the market level and assist in generating end-client demand.
  • Resources to accelerate the co-creation of service offerings and build advocacy for IBM Technology.
  • Closer alignment among IBM sellers and service partners, including shared KPIs, to better support how they are working with clients to help increase value and drive growth.
  • Specialized course offerings and badges created for service partners to deepen technical skills and help differentiate their expertise to the market.

For more details on IBM Partner Plus, click here.