IDC Says 1.7 Million Cloud Jobs Unfilled

A new report from IDC says that the IT industry had 1.7 million openings in cloud-related technologies this year that went unfilled. The reason for all the cloud-computing jobs going unfilled according to the IDC report was that companies could not find qualified workers.

The lack of training and certification among jobseekers were given as the main reasons by IT hiring managers.Firms currently are struggling to fulfill the cloud-related positions. The report concludes by stating that existing staff should be retrained for these new jobs and students encouraged to pursue related IT training and certifications. The overall outlook is also bright for the industry.

The report predicts that almost 7 million new cloud-related jobs will be available worldwide by 2015.

“Despite modest growth in the IT sector overall in the U.S., cloud-ready jobs are increasing as we head into 2013,” said Cushing Anderson, a program VP at IDC, in a statement. “With this increase comes the harsh reality that workforces around the world are steps behind when it comes to attaining the skills necessary to thrive in the cloud computing industry.”

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