Impartner Custom Objects Solution Eliminates Reliance on CRMs

Impartner, a channel management platform and partner relationship management (PRM) provider, announced its Impartner Custom Objects can reduce weeks of PRM customization to a few clicks. This capability creates code-free data customization for each company’s channel business cases.

Click, Click, Customized … Impartner PRM can be the platform for all indirect channel programs and activities without any customization.

“We’ve reduced what used to be weeks of engagement meetings and code customization down to clicks,” said Gary Sabin, VP of Product at Impartner. “You manage your partners’ data your way. We’re extending the flexibility of PRM, making it a true platform that builds processes specific to the needs of your partner channel. Your PRM becomes core to your indirect channel—where 70 percent of the revenue flows — as your CRM is to your direct channel.”

Custom Objects provides the partner channel with the extensibility for any business case in the partner channel. The customization ties a company’s personalized objects into Impartner PRM’s UI tools and workflow processes. Custom Objects is designed with the partner experience in mind.

For example, companies can track partner requests, such as demo units or marketing initiatives, or they can track warranties. Or channel executives can design a specific partner feedback survey. The channel team can assign projects to partners and then view, edit, add comments, attach files or see the status on the beautiful dashboard. No coding is required. No customization engagements are needed. Every use case can be created or tracked with specific, channel-centric information tied to it.

“With Custom Objects, channels don’t need to invest in a CRM,” Sabin said. “All channel processes can be tracked in the PRM system. Leave the CRM for the direct channel.”

The Custom Objects solution is for any size company, not just a mid-market company. Enterprises with specific use cases and complex systems can implement it just as easily as any other.

To learn more about how Impartner helps corporations grow their channel revenue by an average of 32.3 percent in the first year of use, click here.