Incentive Solutions Acquires OneAffiniti to Streamline Channel Marketing Landscape

Incentive Solutions, a frontrunner in channel marketing technology, announced its acquisition of OneAffiniti, bringing together a comprehensive suite of B2B solutions. The acquisition will provide customers with a seamless experience across major product categories.

OneAffiniti and Incentive Solutions are established leaders in their individual spaces through Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) and Channel Incentives Management (CIM), respectively. However, the channel software tech stack is saturated with niche providers offering narrow solutions. The resulting fatigue felt by brands juggling disparate systems has highlighted a critical need for consolidated technologies.

Companies such as Incentive Solutions are leaning into collaboration and co-innovation to redefine the scope of their offering, increase product portfolio and develop powerful technology integrations. Together with OneAffiniti, Incentive Solutions delivers the centralized tools that a growing percentage of B2B companies seek. Incentive Solutions will look to make further acquisitions and investments in the business to build a leading and complete channel marketing solution.

“This partnership is a direct response to frequent requests from both OneAffiniti and Incentive Solutions customers for more comprehensive product offerings,” said Mark Herbert, CEO of Incentive Solutions. “As a combined entity, our goal is to become one of the global leaders in the channel marketing space with a really innovative, holistic offering for the channel.”

OneAffiniti and Incentive Solutions serve an exhaustive list of B2B clients and vertical markets, including technology, manufacturing, finance, insurance, automotive, medical device and building/HVAC.

At the core of the acquisition is the shared mission to center partner relationships and provide support through dedicated teams. This requires the shift from standalone technologies to streamlined offerings to provide efficient, valuable solutions for brands and their channel partners.

“The coming together of these businesses will accelerate innovation,” said OneAffiniti’s founder and CEO, Joel Montgomery. “The technologies will soon talk seamlessly with one another as we develop sophisticated APIs, and this will dramatically improve user experience.”