Ingram Micro Adds Xilinx Accelerator Cards to Portfolio

Ingram Micro has been named a primary distributor by Xilinx.

Ingram Micro is the first broad-based IT distributor to offer Xilinx’s Alveo data center accelerator cards portfolio to channel partners throughout the United States. As a result, channel partners can now  purchase and more readily deploy Xilinx technology with industry standard servers, ultimately optimizing the solutions for customers’ shifting data center workloads, new standards and evolving algorithms.

Available now, the Xilinx Alveo portfolio delivers significant performance advantages in key data center workloads, including real-time Artificial Intelligence (AI) inference, video processing and database search. The accelerators also increase adaptability as workloads evolve because they can be reprogrammed, unlike fixed function accelerators.

The Alveo U200, Alveo U250 and Alveo U280 accelerator cards are powered by Xilinx UltraScale+ FPGAs, which allow customers to reconfigure the hardware, enabling them to optimize for shifting workloads, new standards and updated algorithms without incurring replacement costs.