Ipanema SD-WAN Offers Simplified Operations to Unlock Subscription Revenues

Infovista has announced a major update to its Ipanema software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) platform that delivers enhanced capabilities to its ecosystem of managed service provider (MSP) partners.

The changes include new multi-tenancy features and a flexible, consumption-based licensing model. The latest release offers an attractive on-ramp for traditional channel partners and service companies considering portfolio expansion with a managed SD-WAN offering to become an MSP.

Infovista is among the first SD-WAN vendors to offer a “pay as you go” model and a “flex up and down” consumption solution that permits MSPs and customers to change service tiers and capacity options without initiating a new set-term contract.

The new licensing model enables self-provisioning and automated upscaling of capacity as needed, delivering maximum flexibility and agility for the service provider and the enterprise end-user.

“We work closely with our partner community to understand and deliver what they need to differentiate their own offerings and maximize margins,” said Kristian Thyregod, President Global Enterprise, Infovista. “This update helps MSPs to better address the requirements of a growing community of end-customers that are implementing SD-WAN for the first time, in part, due to the need to tackle work-from-home issues and growing cloud and SaaS usage.”

The Infovista partner community comprises more than 144 managed service providers (including major communications service providers) and system integrators across 150 countries. The Ipanema SD-WAN release released this month coincides with a recruitment drive to add additional partner capacity in key European markets to address the increased demand.

“The new update builds upon our ‘transparent’ concept that allows the delivery of SD-WAN without the need for costly replacement or complex reconfiguration of network switches and routers,” Thyregod said. “This allows our partners to enable new services without having to expect customers to commit to major CAPEX (capital expenditure) spend, which is a significant advantage for many organizations at this financially difficult time.”

The update also features extensive integration enhancements to allow MSPs to build SD-WAN capability into value-added services. Unified communications, remote backup and enhanced security services can be integrated easily thanks to the ability of the Ipanema SD-WAN Orchestrator to interface with partners’ operations support systems.