IPsmarx Takes the Wraps Off Wholesale SIP Trunking

IPsmarx Technology has released its SIP trunking solution, designed for wholesale VoIP origination providers who need an all-in-one solution to manage both routing and billing for SIP-based DIDs.

Service providers can provide SIP-based DID numbers to their customers’ IP-based systems including softswitches, SIP-enabled devices and PBXs. These DID numbers can be offered in bundled packages or individually using a variety of billing options via an integrated and active billing system.

“The SIP trunking solution gives service providers the functionalities they need to optimize revenue streams, save on costs and gain an edge over the competition using a simplified yet flexible management system,” noted Andrea Lopez, senior tech sales representative for IPsmarx. “For example, service providers can now offer multiple channels with each DID number and automatically charge for these per minute, per call or per month with different rate plans.”

IPsmarx prides itself on its in-house research and development as this allows the company to produce multifaceted solutions that can benefit different areas of the VoIP market.

“While demand for DIDs is certainly healthy in the retail markets, much of the growth we’re seeing in the SIP trunking world is now coming from the business sector—in fact, according to Infonetics, 58 percent of companies plan to use SIP trunking over the next two years,” said IPsmarx CEO Arash Vahidnia, “And because IPsmarx solutions are unified, service providers can tap into this demand by combining the SIP trunking solution with the IPsmarx multitenant IP PBX platform to better cater to the business sector.”

As a turnkey platform, the IPsmarx offering comes bundled with features including multiple DID provider support, an integrated invoicing system and an e-commerce Web portal system. The platform also allows for an independent amount of channels for each DID.

As for security, it supports authentication based on either an IP-address or a username and password combination.

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