ITRenew Joins World Business Council for Sustainable Development

ITRenew, a “circular” data center, cloud and sustainable infrastructure company, announced that it joined the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). As a WBCSD member, ITRenew will bring its experience in circular economy and sustainable tech practices to the organization.

The company noted that its mission is to make sustainably sourced, zero-carbon infrastructure a worldwide standard, in addition to maximizing the “lifetime value” of data center technology to end the e-waste and CO2 created by the IT industry.

ITRenew plans to participate in the group’s Circular Electronic Partnership, through which it will work with other experts, business leaders and global organizations to co-design circular economic solutions and streamline processes to advance global sustainability standards and guidelines. The firm will also contribute to the SOS 1.5 Pathfinder project in WBCSD’s Climate and Energy program, providing access to robust, actionable strategies that accelerate systems transformation.

“The ability to collectively arrive at an equitable and aligned accounting methodology that incentivizes circularity and reuse is necessary in this pivotal decade of climate action,” noted Fahmida Bangert, VP of Sustainability with ITRenew.

“We welcome ITRenew to WBCSD and look forward to collaborating with the company and other WBCSD members to make zero carbon and zero waste tangible for the IT industry and beyond” added WBCSD President and CEO, Peter Bakker. “As the global leader in circular cloud and data center transformation, ITRenew’s engagement will help shape business response to key future challenges – not just for the tech industry but across industries. As a WBCSD member, ITRenew will play a key role in scaling up adoption of the systemic solutions, metrics and methodologies that are needed at the core of decarbonization policies and business operations worldwide.”