iXsystems to Match Channel Partner Revenues with RevMatch

iXsystems, a provider of open storage solutions, announced today the RevMatch Channel Partner Program. RevMatch is designed to level the competitive playing field for partners, while it breaks new ground in partner revenue generation by providing dollar-for-dollar revenue matching to partners who generate new business.

This unique program doubles earning potential while introducing net new customer logos to its partners. When complemented with competitive margins, the RevMatch takes vendor incentives to a whole new level for Channel Partners.

Typical partner programs from most storage vendors are tiered, have complex performance measures, and have steep revenue generation curves for new partners. This can often make it difficult to be competitive with other higher status resellers, or in some cases, even the vendor themselves.

Additionally, as more vendors move to a subscription-based “as a service” model for their storage offerings, channel partner revenue streams are continuing to be diminished.

iXsystems designed the TrueNAS RevMatch partner program to address those issues, enabling a growing global ecosystem of channel partners and resetting the playing field in SME storage sales for the channel.

“TrueNAS systems provide a high-value storage experience that delivers on affordable capacity, throughput demands, and unmatched feature/price performance to help them win against the legacy big box vendors,” said Matt Finney, Vice President of Sales, iXsystems. “Tiered channel programs typically benefit only the entrenched top tier channel partners and squeeze out the small to midsize partners. RevMatch is designed to help our partners provide their customers with unique value easily by not just simplifying the process but also doubling revenue generation and new customer introductions along the way.”

RevMatch is open to all TrueNAS partners with simple rules for participation, making it easy for partners to access and succeed. The program starts with the registration of approved deals. Spiffs are paid for deal registration and for registered deals that close. But that is only the beginning of the accelerated path to revenue.

For every registered partner opportunity that is won, iXsystems is committing to provide an equivalent amount of fulfilment business within a specified period, which typically means an introduction to a new customer with whom the partner can then expand its relationship. This commitment is backed by a guarantee of a rebate should not all revenue be matched within the given time frame.

The TrueNAS user community is one of the largest in the storage space, with hundreds of thousands of members and over a million active deployments. This massive community brings thousands of inbound leads annually, which are used to fuel the revenue matching commitment made by iXsystems to its RevMatch partners.

In addition to these benefits, iXsystems is opening its deployment support service to partners at no cost. The white-glove remote installation and configuration of customer systems streamlines deployment for the customer and lowers risk by reducing time pressure or engineering strain often set upon solution providers. That means RevMatch partners can more quickly turn prospects into operating customers, shortening their sales and provisioning cycle, while increasing customer satisfaction.

Solution providers interested in learning more about the TrueNAS Open Storage product line or the RevMatch Channel Partner Program, can visit https://www.ixsystems.com/reseller-network/.

To learn more about how TrueNAS can help your organization, contact https://www.truenas.com/contact-us/, or give us a call at 1-855-GREP-4-IX.