KADENCE Adds a Customer Portal to Ticketing System

KADENCE has enhanced the KADENCE Ticketing System (KTS) platform with customer portal functionality.

Service providers that are leveraging the KTS platform are now able to offer their customers the ability to create and track trouble tickets via the self-service tools included in this private, secure website.

The KTS customer portal also equips service providers with another channel to engage their customers, thereby providing a competitive differentiator and enabling preferential customer support. Courtesy of a management dashboard, KPIs such as ticket volume and average time to close can be tracked and monitored.

Launched in May of 2016, KTS arms service providers with a SaaS system for ticket workflow management, from inception to resolution and closure. The nature of the request is detailed, tracked, classified and routed based on type and priority. KTS workflows also can be customized using business rules and existing operational procedures.

To support SLA management, timer and escalation features can be enabled. In addition, trends and links are established by functionality that creates relationships between customer, circuit, location and equipment ticket types.

“Industry trends are indicating that telecommunication customers are expecting to resolve issues, order services and pay bills without picking up the phone or visiting a service provider’s office,” said Todd Twete, KADENCE vice president of sales. “Furthermore, the business case for self-service technologies is pretty compelling. Self-sufficient customers positively impact MRR averages, decrease operational support costs and provide more favorable recommendations.”

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