Kaspersky Revises its United Partner Program

Kaspersky announced a major update to its United partner program. With this refresh, it plans to offer new specified approaches for selling, deploying, providing managed services for and building solutions with Kaspersky products. To drive this approach, the partner program, benefits and motivation have been revised to better align with partner business models.

Kaspersky is a partner-driven vendor with businesses that are largely conducted via a global partner channel. It working with partners that have diverse business models and processes. This complex partnership structure requires a more tailored approach that covers the needs and expectations of each partner type. The Kaspersky United partner program includes four business model-focused streams:

  • Sell – Resellers, system integrators and VARs, with their unique market position and customer access, have been the main drivers distributing and reselling Kaspersky technologies.
  • Deploy – Designed to expand the network of expert partners who understand the company’s cybersecurity technologies, are capable of pre-selling, delivering a demo and providing proof-of-concept to customers.
  • Manage – Created to develop and support MSPs, partners that deliver professional services and managed solutions through flexible consumption models.
  • Build – Designed directly for the growing number of Kaspersky’s Technology partners, leveraging experience collaborating with leading IT product and service companies to implement a streamlined partnership program.

“As a partner-focused company, we pay special attention to developing our partner network and do everything we can to make it profitable and convenient for our partners to do business with us,” said Timur Biyachuev, corporate business EVP, Kaspersky. “The newly enhanced Kaspersky United partner program addresses our partners according to their business model. By offering differentiated benefits, including extended technical and marketing support as well as partner specific rebate programs, it is now even easier to understand and maximize returns.”

To learn more about the Kaspersky United partner program, click here.