Kontron Selects Radisys’ Engage Media Server for Mission Critical Suite

Radisys Corporation, a leader of open telecom solutions, announced that Kontron Transportation, a supplier of dedicated end-to-end communication solutions for mission-critical networks, has selected Radisys’ Engage Media Server to complement its in-house mission critical (MCX) product suite.

The Radisys solution provides a comprehensive and seamless media management capability that will streamline Kontron Transportation’s operations and drive efficiency while ensuring secure and reliable audio transmission between railway dispatchers and train operators.

Radisys’ Engage Media Server will support unique call-handling requirements for Kontron Transportation, delivering software that is compatible with the Kontron Transportation network functions virtualization infrastructure. Radisys also provides telco-grade customer support to help Kontron Transportation meet its customers’ service availability demands.

For more information, visit www.Radisys.com.