Lacework Announces Security Support for Azure and Multicloud Environments

Lacework has announced support for Microsoft Azure. With this update, Lacework customers will now have automated, comprehensive threat detection and deep insights into workloads and accounts that run in multiple cloud environments.

This expansion addresses the increasing move among organizations to deploy and manage workloads across multiple cloud environments in order to increase flexibility in IaaS and PaaS services, meet the needs of development and operations teams, and cover departments that shift services from traditional Microsoft platforms to Azure.

While a multicloud approach offers many administrative advantages, it adds a layer of complexity for security teams that now need to address risk across different platforms, resource types, and infrastructures. In addition to existing support for AWS and Kubernetes environments, Lacework’s support for Azure now enables organizations to use a single anomaly detection solution for all their cloud activity, as well as for containerized environments and orchestration tools like Kubernetes.