Lam Cloud Adds Agility Mobile DR to Biz Continuity Portfolio

Lam Cloud has partnered with Agility Recovery Solutions to deliver a comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity solution to customers in the New Jersey and New York metro market as well as across the U.S.

Lam Cloud is adding Agility’s mobile recovery services for power, space, technology and communications to its business continuity portfolio.

“In today’s day and age, it is standard for businesses to rely on their IT infrastructures to operate,” said Lawrence Lam, founder and president aat Lam Cloud. “Even more prevalent, however, are natural and man-made threats; this is why possessing a sound business continuity plan that features a proven disaster recovery solution is critical. Agility’s proven DR offerings are the perfect complement to Lam Cloud’s business continuity and disaster recovery portfolio.  This valuable partnership enables Lam Cloud to bolster our disaster recovery offerings.”

“Downtime can result in substantial business loss, not just in terms of revenue and productivity, but also reputation,” added Taylor Busby, vice president of marketing at Agility Recovery Solutions. “The mutually beneficial relationship between Agility and Lam Cloud allows businesses to benefit from a comprehensive offering to meet varying BC/DR needs.  Our turnkey solution offers a range of services that fulfills customer requirements at both ends of the spectrum and everywhere in-between, including business continuity planning, disaster preparedness, mobile disaster recovery and business continuity following an unexpected occurrence.”

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